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Dear Supporters -

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for everything! Throughout this campaign, we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we received. You walked door-to-door, you called your neighbors, you contributed to the campaign, and you did so much more. I am deeply touched by your commitment to our values.

We made a strong statement about the direction of our county. Together, we stood up for our communities, good paying jobs, open space preservation and our environment. As we move forward, we must continue to stand up for the public’s interest not the corporate special interests.

There is still much work to be done and we will work together to ensure the best possible future for Sonoma County. With your help we will tackle our next challenge and be victorious. Opportunity awaits! 


Pamela Torliatt
City of Petaluma

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Important Election Information

October 29 , 2010 | Petaluma

Election Day is just 5 days away! This is a critical election and every vote matters. Make sure your voice is heard and VOTE!

Do you still have an absentee ballot that you haven't turned in? It's too late to mail it, but here are two ways you can still turn in your ballot and make sure it counts:

1. Drop off your ballot this Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm at the Petaluma Community Center (320 North McDowell Blvd) or the Rohnert Park Sports Center (5405 Snyder Ln)
2. Deliver your ballot to your poll site on Tuesday between 7 am and 8 pm. Need to find your poll site? Click here.

If you live in Petaluma, make sure we keep our city moving forward and join me in supporting David Glass for Mayor and Teresa Barrett, Jason Davies, and Gabe Kearney for City Council.

Your help will make the difference this election. Sign up to help walk by contacting Devin at 763-6825 or devin@vote4pam.net.

You can also help by making a contribution on our website by clicking here.


Agricultural Community Supports Pamela

October 27 , 2010 | Petaluma

The heart of Sonoma County’s agricultural past and future, known as the Petaluma Dairy Beltway, meanders its way to the Sonoma Coast. Along the way a range of agricultural operations are represented, from organic dairy, to artisan butter, to gourmet cheeses, locally grown beef, rabbit, goat, and lamb. The entire production, on over 10,000 acres, supports more than 250 jobs with sales locally and regionally.

Ranchers and farmers from the Roblar, Valley Ford, and Two Rock areas and this important economic region support Mayor Pamela Torliatt for Second District Supervisor. Her agricultural roots go back to growing up on Pepper Lane and participating in Live Oak 4-H. These same agricultural values persist today as Pam and her boyfriend raise grass fed beef right in the middle of the Petaluma Dairy Beltway, giving Pam a real world understanding of the financial and other challenges facing agriculture.

To read the full letter, click here


A Message from Pamela: Together We Can Win

October 27, 2010 | Petaluma

This election is critical for the future of Sonoma County. It’s a choice about what kind of county we want to live in and what kind of a future we want to build for our community. We have the opportunity to put Sonoma County back on track, if we all work together and stand up for our values on November 2nd. We need your help to get your friends and neighbors to turnout in this election - every vote counts.

Join us to walk precincts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can pick up packets at 10am at 27 Townview Lane in Petaluma. We are excited to announce that Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey will be joining us on Saturday at 10am to meet with all of you and walk a precinct. Come on out on Saturday for this great opportunity!

We are also phone banking on Monday and Wednesday from 5pm – 8pm, and on Thursday from 6pm – 8pm. Join us at the Carpenters Hall at 1706 Corby Avenue in Santa Rosa. Email us to sign up or to get more information about phoning from home.

Your help will make the difference this election. Sign up to help walk or phone bank today by contacting Devin at 763-6825 or devin@vote4pam.net. You can also help by making a contribution on our website by clicking here.

Thank you for your continued support!


Sonoma County is Not For Sale: A Message from Pamela

October 13 , 2010 | Petaluma

Last week was the latest reporting deadline for financial contributions in the Sonoma County Supervisor’s race. While our campaign reported hundreds of contributions from supporters like you, I thought you should know some shocking information regarding the special interests that are funding our opponent’s campaign. 

These reports show that 64% of his campaign contributions have come from big oil, asphalt, gravel, and other development interests. Valero Oil Company and its staff are funding his campaign at the same time they are funding the campaign to pass Prop 23, which will kill green jobs and lower air quality standards. Asphalt and gravel mining interests have spent thousands bankrolling him including the gravel mining company Syar Industries who has given him over $12,000 to date. 

These are the very same companies that are backing the Dutra Asphalt plant that will endanger our health and our environment, pushing for gravel mining in the Russian River, and supporting the Roblar Road Quarry that will potentially destroy our agricultural and open space protections. We cannot to afford to let these special interests ruin Sonoma County and threaten our quality of life.

There is a lot at stake this election. We deserve leaders that represent OUR interests. My opponent has shown that he has been bought and paid for by these powerful special interests. Over the last 18 years, I’ve proven that I am an experienced, independent leader who works for our values.

Stand up and tell the special interests that Sonoma County is not for sale! We need your help to ensure the leadership in this county is representing you and the values we all share. Join our campaign today by making a contribution here, or emailing us at Devin@vote4pam.net to volunteer by walking or phoning your neighbors. 

You can make a difference this election – elect Pamela Torliatt for Supervisor!

 To read the full press release click here.


Torliatt Reports Major Fundraising Lead; Demonstrates Broad Based Support Throughout District

October 6 , 2010 | Petaluma

Mayor Pamela Torliatt announced today that she continues to lead the race for Sonoma County Supervisor in fundraising. All candidates were required to report their latest financial records by October 5th.  Torliatt, who has run an extremely successful field program to date, still has over $99,000 in cash on hand, giving her a significant advantage over the remaining weeks.

“I am proud of the overwhelming support we’ve received from residents throughout the district who believe that I have the leadership experience to tackle the challenges facing Sonoma County.” said Torliatt.  “We will continue to use our strength in fundraising and our grassroots campaigning to get our message out to voters throughout the district.”

Torliatt reported $146,963 in contributions during the filing period of July 1st through September 30th.  She also reported an ending cash balance of $99,883.  Since the beginning of the campaign, Torliatt has received contributions from hundreds of individual contributors, demonstrating that she has a wide base of support for her candidacy. 



Assemblyman Huffman Endorses; Torliatt Maintains Big Fundraising Lead

August 4 , 2010 | Petaluma

Mayor Pamela Torliatt announced today that she received the endorsement of Assemblyman Jared Huffman in the runoff election for Sonoma County Supervisor in the 2nd District.  Huffman cited Torliatt’s experience and dedication to smart growth and job creation in his endorsement.

Torliatt also reported that she continues to lead the race in fundraising.  As of Monday’s financial reports, Torliatt reported raising almost $20,000 more than her opponent during the last period.  She also reported having about $52,000 in cash-on-hand, giving her a significant advantage heading into the November election.

To read the full press release, click here


Torliatt Receives Key Endorsement from Congressman Mike Thompson

June 23, 2010 | Petaluma

Mayor Pamela Torliatt announced today that she received the endorsement of Congressman Mike Thompson in the runoff election for Sonoma County Supervisor in the 2nd District.  Thompson cited Pamela’s 18 years of experience and leadership skills as a compelling factor in his endorsement. 

“In these difficult times, it is essential that we have leaders on all levels of government who have the experience to create jobs and revitalize our local economy,” said Thompson.  “As Mayor of Petaluma, Pamela Torliatt has proven that she will work collaboratively to provide innovative solutions to our greatest challenges.  I am proud to support her candidacy and look forward to working with her when she is elected.”

To read the full press release, click here


Torliatt Emerges as Front Runner;
Ready for November

June 9, 2010 | Petaluma

Yesterday, Mayor Pamela Torliatt emerged as the front runner in the campaign for Sonoma County Supervisor in the 2nd District.  With all local precincts reporting, Torliatt had captured 37.5% of the vote – more than 10 points ahead of her closest competitor.  She will go on to compete in the runoff in November.

“It is clear from last night’s results that voters throughout the district came out to support our campaign,” said Torliatt.  “They sent a message loud and clear that we need experienced leadership to create jobs and balance our budget.  I look forward to continuing to talk about these critical issues as we head toward the November election.  Thank you to all our supporters who contributed so much to our grassroots efforts.”

UPDATE - Latest Update: Final Counts from Sonoma County Registrar of Voters widens Torliatt's lead to 14 points.  Certified results give Torliatt 9,447 votes or 38.9% of votes cast.



Torliatt Announces New Endorsements

March 15, 2010 | Petaluma

Key community organizations are endorsing our campaign because they agree that we need experienced leadership during these times. We are proud to announce that we’ve been endorsed by:

  • IBEW Local 551
  • Engineers and Scientists of California Local 20
  • Marin Building Trades Council
  • North Bay Labor Council
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1021
  • Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association
  • Sonoma County Educators Council

Last week, we also received the endorsement of Cotati Mayor Robert Coleman-Senghor. This means that the mayor of every city in the district has come together to endorse our campaign. These leaders know firsthand what it takes to be mayor and the skills and experience it provides.


Torliatt Releases Video Endorsements Showing Wide Support

February 23, 2010 | Petaluma

Today, Mayor Pamela Torliatt released a series of creative and inspiring video endorsements for her campaign for Sonoma County Supervisor. These videos join Torliatt’s already expansive list of endorsements from community leaders and organizations throughout the district. People are coming together to support her campaign because as mayor, she has proven that she has the right combination of strong leadership skills, innovating thinking, and executive experience to get the job done. Click here to watch the videos and click here to join them in endorsing Mayor Torliatt.


Torliatt Receives Key Endorsements for Her Record Creating Jobs

February 12, 2010 | Petaluma

We are facing critical job shortages in Sonoma County. As our economy begins a slow recovery, many of our friends and neighbors remain out of work with few prospects. There is hope at the end of this tunnel, but only if our county government makes real efforts to create good jobs for our residents. Read more


Torliatt Campaign Leads in Fundraising -
Have You Pledged to Help Yet?

We are thrilled to tell you that after yesterday's financial filing deadline, our campaign is in a great position. We have raised more money than any of our opponents, from more than 180 supporters throughout Sonoma County. Over the weekend, we visited over 1,400 doors, spreading our message of experience and results to voters in Cotati and Rohnert Park. Our campaign is in great shape in every way, but there is still more to do. Have you signed up to volunteer yet? Click here.


Torliatt Kicks off Supervisorial Campaign

October 27, 2009 | Petaluma

pam torliattPetaluma Mayor Pamela Torliatt, a fourth generation Sonoma County resident, announced today her candidacy for the District 2 seat on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

“Our county is being challenged with high unemployment, threatened services, and important land use decisions. I’m running for Supervisor to get things done and make a difference for the residents of Sonoma County,” said Torliatt.

<read more>


Petaluma's Hard-Working Mayor

October 27, 2009 | Petaluma

pam torliattElected in 2006, Petaluma Mayor Pamela Torliatt has distinguished herself as one of Sonoma County‘s hardest-working public officials. During her brief tenure, Torliatt already has won funding to widen the Marin-Sonoma Narrows and led the City's efforts to obtain open space funding for East Washington Park, Paula Lane, and La Cresta Ridge and Ravine.  These efforts were preceded by a significant victory for Petaluma - fighting successfully against pressures to privatize the newly constructed Ellis Creek Water Recycling facility.  Keeping this important asset in public hands allowed for restoration and creation of 171 acres of wetlands, two miles of trails and resources for science education and local artist communities.

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